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Have you guys seen the classic south park episode where Cartman gives Butters a Hitler mustasche made out of his crap? That is hilarious.

I don't know... I don't think Hitler is an ENTp. I don't know any ENTp's who would like to have the tremendous amount of power that he did.

Perhaps he is an apparent anomaly to the socionics theory: sort of like a table suddenly moving up because all of the particles in it randomly moved in the same direction. Or maybe he is just so hard to type because he was such a genuinely screwed up individual.

Regardless, I am thinking , and I would say that he is a thinking type, so I would go with ESTp. So many political leaders are this type (Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell) as well, which is, I think, a consequence of what political leaders have to do in order to gain power, which is to convey confidence and practical intelligence. A good deal of this is also to get people to like you emotionally, which fits in with the hidden agenda of ESTp's (this of course also fits with ENTp, but that is beside the point).

Whatever, just some random thoughts I had while I was playing with chemicals today.
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