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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

that's why people should carefuly choose the words they use and try to be unbiased. true that ENTps are the most well documented type and they are praised the most in the russian descriptions on every type deserves it and as it seems has nautral social niche. they could have written that INFps make one of the best musicians for example. or better they could have presented just some neutral descriptions.
might be my own Ni thinking that everyone should know what influence could have the words and the materials they write in long term but as authorities they should have been conscious of the possible influence they might have in the future. of course when socionics becomes popular in the future there will be different fields. people which accept blindly what is written and become biased. kind of pop-culture-field. and other people which take the time to doubt what is written, observe, see for themselfs and eventually have their own opinions on things. anyway it's something that happens basically everywhere and this topic will remain in this forum buried, might make let's say 100 people which have found the topic trough google or just by visiting the forum change their opinions. so if someone wants to make a real change and prevent at least to some extent the arising of at least some of the worst stereotypes he/she better start to write mails or something, go to russia talk with the people which are responsible or just hack the site and change the texts to something more neutral . anyway i think it's inevitable anyway because there will be always ENTps in the fields of socionics and they have the natural tendency to idealize themselfs and they will always find ways to push in something. actually they are good brainwashers on a global level and i have observed some similar uh.. marketing? techniques which they use when they try to sell their next revolutionary product or establish some political influence. too bad i'm slowly getting paranoid because the patterns simply repeat even in the usual daily communcation when you drink your tea with them. i like to think that this is might be the only way for their theories/ideas to get actually some exposition and people can make use of them. they better be careful on what they choose to promote on the expense of the society, that's it. it's just not neccessery to promote every part of your body and every single thought which you consider to be brilliant =)
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