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Default The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Well, not really Socionics as such but rather Socionics people. One thing that makes me very angry is that ENTp in Russian Socionics is untouchable. ENTp is considered type number 1, the beginning of everything, simply The One. Ok fair enough, you have to pay respect to Aushra, but everything has its limits! Since Socionics is a bit of a cult, the Alpha quadrable (for the same reason as ENTp) is considered the beginning of everything. It is like an Elite of Socionics. So if you are not Alpha, you suck! No surprise here, everyone wants to be Alpha (it is almost like racism, I am not joking) so which one of Alpha can you be? Of course, E N T p. Because if you are a bit eeh and a bit uuh and look a bit of a space cadet, who can doubt you? ENTps are so versatile and so well documented that anyone can pretend to be one. You don't need to go far, Dmitry Lytov was doing it for years and got away with it. And this is not all. If someone has made an important discovery, started a new trend, invented some novelty, etc, they blindfoldedly are given status of an ENTp. But this is not all. There must be some magic about ENTps because lots of those people type other people on principal: "I like him or her...they must be an ENTp". The leader of a band I like – ENTp, my favourite actor – ENTp, a very nice person I happened to like – ENTp!

Well now you know the dark side of Socionics. I am sorry if I offended genuine ENTps. I don't know about you guys, but I would be pretty pissed off if everyone wanted to be an INTj.
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