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Originally Posted by shadowpuppet View Post
Absolutely. There is a possibility that I am ENTj (intuitive subtype) or INTp (logical subtype) as I definitely exhibit Gamma NT traits, however I have yet to determine which of the two it is (INTj seems less likely every day). If you have any suggestions for making this distinction I would be glad to acknowledge them.
I always say that you cannot be in doubt between ENTj and INTp because they have diametrically opposed temperaments. One is EJ and the other IP. Here are some other differences to start with:

1. ENTjs are workaholics, INTps are lazybones.

2. Every ENTj I know is an early bird, every INTp I know is a night owl.

3. ENTjs are focused on practical results, INTps can dig extremely deeply into a subject without ever gaining any practical benefit from it.

4. ENTjs make decisions easily and are natural leaders. INTps postpone decisions endlessly, they collect more and more information, and they have no interest in leading others and usually feel uncomfortable when forced into having such a responsibility.
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