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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
@ shadowpuppet

The likelihood for INTp has increased after I have seen about a half of that video (I will see in full when I have time for it), in which you come across (to me) as different from in the first photo I saw of you. Your views on skepticism are very similar to my own, which may count for something, but I have to contemplate on that some more before I draw any definite conclusion.

We still have the problem that you consistently test as J in both Socionics and MBTI tests. And you test as RCOEI in Global 5. That obvious anomaly must be explained somehow if you are an INTp, and I will probably not accept you as an INTp until that explanation has been provided.

Maybe we should compare our different test results and identifications with different dichotomies etc. in order to get a more accurate view on exactly how we are similar and/or different. That I am an INTp according to Socionics is a given fact that you can compare yourself with.
Absolutely. There is a possibility that I am ENTj (intuitive subtype) or INTp (logical subtype) as I definitely exhibit Gamma NT traits, however I have yet to determine which of the two it is (INTj seems less likely every day). If you have any suggestions for making this distinction I would be glad to acknowledge them.


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Thanks. Now I understand why Prom thinks you are the most intelligent person at this forum.
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