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Here is a short type test used to differentiate INTp from INTj. Just choose the best answer of the choices given; go with your instinct on each question and try not to analyze them. Note that neither or both of the answers may fit you but just pick the one that fits the best. Note that most of the options are not mutually exclusive of each other. In all likelihood this test will prove inconclusive, but many of the questions are more subtle and I purposely phrased many of them so that what type each answer correlated to would not be very clear; this was designed in the hope that it would minimize any subconscious attempts to try and find the answers that agreed with your preconceived type. The key to the test is to not spend much time thinking about the answer but go with your gut instinct.

1) Seeks to love someone or seeks a healthy lifestyle
2) Speaks in a serious tone with a low pitch or speaks in an informal tone with a high pitch
3) In class, prefers to listen attentively or daydream
4) want to find a docile caring partner or more aggressive proactive partner
5) When meeting new people: conscientious of social norms or emotionally indifferent
6) Detached from the present reality or attached to the present reality
7) Good at predicting the future as it unfolds or good at only predicting the distant future
8) Happy with who you are or seeking self-improvement
9) Finite or infinite
10) Hedonistic or social morality
11) Sees what will happen in the near future and will either not tell anyone or discusses with others
12) Memorizing large amounts of information because it is interesting (e.g., sports statistics) or because it has practical consequences (e.g., info that supports a theory)
13) Flexible or rigid gait
14) Prefers to initiate a relationship or have someone else initiate.

Increased expression of one function (1) suppresses the opposing intradichotomy function and (2) suppresses the opposing intrablock function (and vise versa).
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