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This is all very well and good but until you're in a position where you are willing to justify some of your typings then I for one can't take them seriously.

Steve Jobs ENTp?, Barak Obama ESFp?

I appreciate your enthusiasm (but not so much your arrogance) so I reckon I should be a bit more direct in letting you know. BTW I don't get all these typings right either far from it but I can guarantee you that you're not getting the types and the functions correctly. Then that's if your here to learn or to dictate.

Although I said I'd wait for you to give a reasoning for your typings first of all, i'm going to go back on that in the spirit of good faith and debate.

Here's why Steve Jobs is an ENFj:

Highly animate, persuasive, charismatic, visionary, motivational, and dramatic. Likes attention and posing for the camera. Has a carefully crafted persona and frequently changes his appearance. Has an autocratic streak and foists his tastes and mindset on others. Here is an interesting quote about Jobs' visionary qualities:
Jobs is both admired and criticized for his consummate skills of persuasion and salesmanship, which has been dubbed the "reality distortion field" (visit this link!) and is particularly evident during his keynote speeches at Macworld Expos [Wikipedia].
This distortion effect comes from dishing out vision with a powerful emotional (even hypnotic) component. It causes people to have unwavering faith in what is "supposed" to happen and do whatever it takes to get there.

This ("reality distortion field") is prime Fe with Ni. Which is why he's ENFj. It's not really got to do with his taste in underwear or oxygen masks.
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