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Default Re: What word would you use to describe...

The imitation or representation of aspects of the sensible world, especially human actions, in literature and art.
Biology. Mimicry.
Medicine. The appearance, often caused by hysteria, of symptoms of a disease not actually present.

That's pretty similar but there must be a better word and I'm sure you'll run into it one day.

In psychodynamics there is the concept of introjection where person "A" begins to believe they possess the qualities of person "B" when in reality they don't(but eventually they do). I suppose this might lead to emulation. Some definitions I have read describe it in terms which pretty much fit what you are talking about.

Maybe your friends are jealous of you. Or maybe it is just instinctive copying left over from prehistoric times. Their unconscious doesn't realize it is a pointless process.

Or maybe it isn't pointless and their unconsious realizes but their conscious doesn't.

Or maybe they aren't mimicing you at all and watching you do it just makes them notice they do it. Unless you're all together when they blame you. Then you are a scapegoat. Or maybe one has the so-called mimesis while the other is just scapegoating, or some other arrangement of concepts.
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