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Default Re: Socionics is dangerous

Originally posted by Ben Armstrong:
Hello folks. I know you won't agree with me, but I think that socionics is really dangerous. Dividing people in such groups can obsess your mind. In one site I found type descriptions mostyly with negative characteristics about all types, except maybe ESFJ had ideal description(it looked so then) and i liked ENTJ. This made me unconsciously want to be like ENTJ and act so. After about some weeks of such thoughts i really changed to bad side. Now i don't know who I am, fluster in life and I'm going mad. I fear of loosing orientation totaly. I played with my thoughts, now I see that, that's exactly what you shouldn't do. I hope i won't kill myself

Funny stuff...

But, uh, in the odd case that you are actually serious... How about I tell you that you are a millionare? Then you start to act like one and become one. Why not believe something good?

Originally posted by booyakasha:
Haha... idea for a poll: which type is the most likely to smoke weed and listen to radiohead after a bangin' night out?
ENFp duh.

God, that's like, the MO for about 25% of the guy ENFp's. That and dancing.
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