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Originally Posted by Dewy View Post
No, draining Ne isn't really about neglecting Si. It's more that Ne can't really be controlled. It comes in fits and bursts. If you choose to let it burn too fast and too strong you can burn it out and, when nothing is left but cold embers, you feel a little bit empty. You don't know what to do with yourself anymore because there's nothing driving you. Part of what Vibration is talking about is that in order for ENTp to stay happy we need to burn Ne hard and jump from one thing to the next. But if we aren't careful we can burn it out entirely and are left feeling extremely unhappy. So you're stuck in this constant state of trying to stay one step ahead and we probably end up spending more time chopping wood than roasting marshmallows because we're afraid of what happens when the fire dies out. Perhaps that's part of the attraction for ENTp to ISFp: ISFp is really good at feeding the fire and making damn good s'mores, but if the fire dies out, they can find their way through the dark and lead ENTp back to the tent where there's a whole new way to stay warm and happy.
For this part, I was more thinking of creative Ne, which is applicable to SG. As far as I understand the system, your Ne will be a bit different, because it's never (rarely?) turned's your dominant function. I think INTj's can neglect their bodily needs when working hard and enthusiastically on a project, and the caregiver ESFj will, I think, naturally take care of them that way.

Why do you think the ISFp is so good at feeding and stoking the fires of your Ne? Do you think it is their Si maybe?
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