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Hola! My name is Jen and I have been at this personality typing stuff for about 15 years now since the day when I picked up the Do What You Are book. I am INTP who has had a lot of difficulty in the past trying to find a life for myself that I can be happy with. ALthough we INTPs usually want relationships, it can be hard to find that person who suits us and puts up with us. I was just reading here that the ideal INTP partner is ESFP. I had an ESFP friend once and she was very sweet and fun, but we drifted apart due to a complete divergence of life goals. She was a cheerleader; I was a math nerd.

I don't understand how INTP could be paired up with ESFP and make that work in a long-term love relationship. I mean, I guess I can see how a friendship could possibly work, but a love relationship seems almost impossible since the traits which each type most values (intellegence and competence for INTPs, for example) are likely not going to be present in a dual partner. INTPs are theoretical, absent-minded, not the most social, whereas the ESFP is very social (and probably has a lot of boisterous sensing friends, which the INTP probably would probably tire of very quickly), sensitive, altruistic, and very energetic. INTPs seem to run rather low on the energy scale most of the time.

I know there are a lot of different theories out there on compatibility between the types. Socionics version seems counterintuitive to me at first glance, but I would be curious to know how these conclusions have been arrived at, and also if anyone has seen lasting success in a dual relationship. Thanks everyone, and have a great evening.
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