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Default Intoduction

I'm an LII (Subtype according to Wikisocion is "The Researcher" ...aka intuitive), and according to MBTI I'm an INFJ (I realize that this doesn't match up perfectly, but don't argue with me because, yes, I am sure). I'm pretty new to socionics, but I've done around a month of research (ironic eh?) on the types before I settled on mine. I'm a few years into MBTI, and I learned about socionics from an MBTI forum.

I joined this forum today in hopes of learning different methods of sub-typing, as I have heard that there are many different theories on it. I also hope to learn more about socionics in general. I am excited about having discovered my typing (it was really very accurate, and more accurate than any MBTI description), and I look forward to more discoveries of the like. And perhaps, in the process, I will have the opportunity to get to know a few of you.
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