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Depends on who I'm talking to, but I want a clear cut answer so here we go..

Lazy coworker: So Nate, we've got a competition blah blah blah get x dollar gift card.
Nate: Am I going to be doing all the selling or you making phone calls too?
Lazy coworker: Smart alics don't get anything..
Nate: We'll see.
Nate(in my head, god she's lazy and trying to take credit for my work)

Sister: Hey when's your graduation?
Me: June 12th
Sister: Oh, I'm so coming blah blah blah, I might be at XXX
Me: Alright I gotta go.

Friend: There he is.
Me: What's up, where you headed?
Friend: Blah blah blah
Me: True.. trying to go to the reds game June Xth.
Friend: Check my schedule, sounds tits.

Me: What's up.
Friend: Not a lot, you.
Me: You should have saw the dupe I pulled. Lady in old car says something BLAH BLAH BLAH, asked them if they were interested in cash for clunkers.
Friend: Nuh uh, whatd they do.
Me: Oh they were pissed and I just kept walking.

Me: How'd you like getting your ass beat the other night?
Friend: Excuses blah blah blah blah.
Me: Yea yea, trying to get that rematch or what.

Stranger: Hey what's up.
Me: (Ignore if its on street) uhh yea?
Stranger: Do you work out at the rec?
Me: Uh yea..
Stranger: I see you there all the time.
Me: Yea.. I go there.. I gotta go.

Customer: How about this weather? Its suppose to rain blah blah
Me: **Silence** Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me to bad driver: What the hell are you doing?
Bad driver: blah blah blah

Friend: You're going to waste that workout on burger king.
Me: You're an idiot, you've got twice as much food as me.
Burger King Manager: Hey keep your voices down
Me: Yea, I'll pipe down but mind your own damn business.
Burger King Manager: What's that *stands up* *I stand up* I'm going to call the cops.
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