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Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
How can you tell the difference in public?
I think the most crucial difference is ESTp's Fi-POLR/Fe-HA and ISTp's Fe-POLR/Fi-HA.

Fi-POLR/Fe-HA doesn't care how people feel on a personal level, but does care about the general environment to be merry. So, they will be offending people but not really care about it, instead opting to joke loudly and make fools of themselves just to be funny, and thinking it's making them popular.

Fe-POLR/Fi-HA is practically paralyzed when it comes to expressing emotion, even though they feel emotion on a personal level and yearn to connect personally with people. They will have the straight faces when someone jokes, or if someone is sharing something upsetting, they will feel compassion and try to say something to convey that but with a brusque tone and may not quite fit the context.

Someone on 16types once posted two photos that represented this difference sort of. One was of The Joker smiling widely when saying something menacing (ESTp), and the other was some wrestler guy thinking something nice, but completely stone faced and looking mad. LOL i'll have to find it those at some point and post them, unless someone else beats me to it.
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