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Originally Posted by SG View Post
I know exactly what you mean (with the exception of people telling me what to do). I think the problem lies in excessive use of intuition.
Is doing what other people want-letting them choose what you do or learn an intuition thing? Why? I thought maybe that sort of thing..sounds like trying to get other peoples praise and what have you..could *possibly* be related to ENTp HA to be loved?

It's like a power surge that drains all the batteries quickly. I often find myself in semi-vegetative state, when all the power but the minimal life support is diverted to 'front phasers'. That lack of energy after long periods of using intuition often makes me unhappy. I think the key is to take breaks when needed, but you probably know (judging by your exceptional productivity) that's once you pop you can't stop. Other than that, I'd also like to know the secret of eternal happiness
Do you mean that when you turn on you're Ne that you neglect your Si needs in a way, so that you end up letting yourself become drained and overworked?
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