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Default Re: Type me, type me!

Hey Gilligan (for what it's worth), from reading your description of yourself and that little (ha) discussion with Rick, you seem pretty ENTp to me. I think you may have gotten as far as you can go by talking with other people. Go do some subjective metacognition and try to observe how you experience the world. Have you read the ENTp uncovered description on Sergei's website? This is what convinced me that I am ENTp (this description, although it is rather biting, really touches on some of the general moods and motivations of ENTp's). Also try to observe your hidden agenda in action by trying to pay attention how you act in social situations. It is hard to maintain a sense of objectivity here, but it is the only way I think after you have exhausted the opinions of several experts!

Also, its not going to be a clear-cut spitten manifestation of a singular personality type description. Types are big boxes--think about it: billions of people and billions of experiences to fit in 16 spaces...
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