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The tone in my first post was a bit strong and I was a bit extreme.

So let me reformulate stuff:

Mathematics requires both Te and Ti. And really both. And a Te ego type is a T-type, so it is capable of a minimum of Ti usage; practically this means that it is capable of making sense of what it is studying. Of course memorizing for the sake of it doesn't work in mathematics, which is what many F types do when they want to get a degree in mathematics so they can barely make it to get an undergraduate degree. My claim is that the mathematical educational system is clearly more inclined towards Te than towards Ti without completely being devalueing of Ti. The kind of logical manipulations that is required can be done while avoiding an intensive usage of Ti and using block facts that would allow one to reason less (but still some minimum reasoning would be required). And Te types are pretty good at it. For instance, before an exam a Ti preson would spend a lot of time timing himself organizing the thoughts and understanding the reason behind every thing in what it is studying and as a consequence spend less time learning the problem solving techniques, and as a result get a lower score than what his Te rival would get. And nothing could be more annoying, because from sitting with a Te person you can see how much does it understands less than what it thinks it does. Since research is free of the biases of the educational system (that's what pure mathematics really is, not a distorted representation of mathematics) these weak spots from the Te type are going to be revealed, unless he works enough on developing his Ti skills, which can only happen if he takes enough math courses with Ti teachers who are very good at taking the mask off from the face of the pretenders. Now of course Te is going to be always required even in research! But now the Ti types can thrive because they were by force lead to develop their Te, while the Te person wasn't lead enough to work on improving his Ti skills (unless....). So guess who wins.

Of course notice the reservations in my post here, because there are many factors in life that can be influencing, but I am willing to bet everything that if a statistical survey is to be conducted then the data will reveal that what I am saying has some truth in it.
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