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Default I Will Identify Your Type

Hello all, my name is David McCarthy and this thread is made to identify and/or confirm your personality type.

You may have been involved in my other forum threads, "I Want to Guess Your Type" (Parts I and II). I encourage anyone to participate, even if you have previously gotten an analysis in my previous threads.

Here is the layout for this test:
  1. Send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE about anything. The exact topic of what you tell me is irrelevant; I want to get to know you. Thus, the subject can be about absolutely anything. Examples include what you want to do with your life, your thoughts about the leader of your country (ie Prime Minister or President), what you think about 2012 etc. However it must be in your own words.
  2. Please make your private message at least two paragraphs or so in length. Typing somebody requires more than a couple general sentences, and the more information you give me the more accurately I can identify your type.
  3. I am extremely motivated and committed to getting your type right. If you have gotten analyzed and would like to discuss the subject further in any way, or simply want to add me as a buddy, my facebook is .
Also, everything you share with me is 100% private. I have no interest in sharing what you send me to anyone else, and all information you give me is solely on the basis of finding out your real type. I will not personally judge your opinions, beliefs, or anything else you reply to me with.

Let the typing begin!
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