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Originally Posted by felafel View Post
LOL, yeah, i do only coz i feel bad about saying i changed my mind or sth came up or whatever else one can say in these cases. I've noticed I'm also pretty darn easy to guilt-trip . Got to work on that....

Hey, maybe person has changed their mind, you never know (fingers crossed, lol). I hope person doesn't talk about Marx all the time, not in the mood to sustain that conversation today, lol.
Heh, I don't know much about Marx tbh, i've been more interested in studying other philosphers like Frances Hutcheson, Kames, Hume etc, prolly cause I can get a 'sense' in real terms of their life and how their philosophies evolved from their style of life, which is interesting perhaps as if I really am ISTp then I suppose it's combining the tangible S thing with the empiricism and philosophy, something which N types typically are more interested in from a 'detached' perspective imhe.

Eh, anyway, I think Marx was against the slave trade (maybe he wasn't), based on something by Hegel? - but Hegel was afaik Interesting that before both were born, that black people couldn't be a slave in Scotland or England, a case of Joseph Knight was brought to court which Kames presided over - he was an African slave brought to Scotland by his master, and subsequently granted his freedom and that he should be paid for the work he did for his 'master', which was in 1769.

Anyway, yeah I think that afaik slavery was continued in a way in US by Africa itself, that the African tribal leaders were selling their own people to US as slaves to make a profit, Scottish presbeterians ended up to show the African tribal leaders other ways to make money so as not to have to sell Africans into slavery.

Oh, were was I? Dunno, something interesting I think and it ties in perhaps with morality that you were asking me earlier was that Kames came up with 4 stages of society ie stage 1 is nomadic hunter gatheres, stage 2 is herder of domestic animals, stage 3 is agricultural society and stage 4 is large cities with international connections. Well each stage required different laws and different views on laws due to changing nature of society within these stages, and size of populations, so the issue of law protecting morals or people or law protecting the society becomes ever more complex.

Anyway, where was I, eh, well I suppose i've wondered how virtual world of internet community would fit into each of these stages. Maybe i'll talk about is some more another time.

Eh, about the guilt thing, hmmm, it's part of what makes you you, yeah? ie you genuinely are a good person who cares about others, which i'll bet gets you a lot further in life as people can pick up on that than maybe you realise, guess unfortunately it has it's down side in terms of how you feel, hmmm, but can the two really not go hand in hand? Oh you weren't asking any of this, and I almost thought about not even posting, sorry for intruding if I have a little.

Yeah, let's just say....guilt..... SUFFERRRRR hehehe
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