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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
Please defend your position regarding this assumption.

Thank you for this link, it has proved quite helpful.

Because I lust after the abstract more than the concrete, alpha. I am a computational biophysicist with little or no hope of material gain in this field. I am very self-conscious so I have the introverted sensing fault. However what leads me to decide conclusively on INTJ from the description is this statement:

"It is important for an INTp to be involved with someone, to have an object of affection"

I certainly do not exhibit this behavior. I would like to thank all of you for helping to confirm my socionics type, and regret any perceived hostility. If you have more questions I would be happy to address them.
Computational Biophysics. Do you think your personality led you to this field cause you have a knack for it?
Computational= NiTe ??
Bio= SeFi ??
Physics= TiNe ??
i seem to be picking up a lot of stimulatory Te energy from you,
and your ability to make connections is extraordinary ,Ni,............... unless of course there is some other axis on which these assertations are reversed....hmmm.
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