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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I spent yesterday with my dual. We were out socialising.

I notice my dual talks to a lot of people, often quite randomly. I can do this as well but imo she does it a lot more than me and for a longer duration.

This results in her doing most of the talking with different people and I occasionally contribute with something.

It was a nice feeling as I felt involved and I also felt that when I said something it was listened to and was a useful thing. I think my dual was OK with my more quietness and seemed to appreciate my being there and letting her talk and contributing occasionally when I felt like I had something to say.

I was thinking that maybe this is a case of the extraverted dual taking care of that side of things, and naturally supporting me. Maybe I was supporting her by being more calm and measured.

Maybe this is just a thing and not type related, but it felt that way (that it could be related). What do you think and can you maybe mention your own experiences (or even just one or two) with this, whether you are extraverted or introverted.

Sounds like a good day for an ISTp.
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