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Default Socionics & "the big five"

The Big Five is currently an up and coming personality typing method presented by some as the "most reliable personality typing method to date."

Now, it would very much appear to me that Socionics works.
But to some extent, as does this theory.

So how do they overlap?

Here are my two perspectives represented by analogies, up for discussion:
Is it like studying humans through two different magnifying glasses? That is to say: they are interpreting different date? Like this would suggest neuroticism and being an F type are completely different things.
OR is it like saying "I like goats" in two language; they appear different but the general message is the same? Like this would suggest openness equates to intuition.

If you have better analogies please do bring them to the table!
i am merely an ocean of ideas for other people to swim in!
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