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Default Re: Belief and Intelligence

Originally posted by SG:
Originally posted by time is being:
hence, belief belongs to logic and intelligence belongs to intuition.
I think we've been down this road before. Let's say it is true, and belief belongs to logic then it would be possible to communicate any belief using strict logic, which is apparently impossible to do. It means that every belief has to have rational basis, which we already know is not the case. However it is possible to communicate any belief using intuition because intuition is vague in nature. Intelligence on the other hand requires concrete solutions which intuition cannot deliver again due to its nature.
every belief does have a rational basis, despite some holders of a certain belief not being cognizant of that rationality/logic. the communication of logic is not easier or more difficult than the communication of intuition. belief is no longer belief when understood intuitionally. it is meaning. intuition is only vague because it is not cultivated and strengthened. intuition is more concrete and direct and real than logic. it lends itself completely to understanding, while no other function does so.

i would not equate "concrete solutions" with intelligence. seeking a "concrete solution" is often in opposition to intelligence; in opposition to understanding. for example, george bush invading iraq.
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