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Default Re: Belief and Intelligence

strict logic will never allow understanding. logic/thinking is a tool that must never replace the intuition. logic never tells anything new. the answer to a logical problem lies in the question, and the question is given. although something can be understood logically post discovery, its discovery lies outside of logic as does understanding by those who did not do the initial discovering. conclusions that mean anything can only come from the intuition. hence, belief belongs to logic and intelligence belongs to intuition.

einstein: “The religious feeling engendered by experiencing the logical comprehensibility of profound interrelations is of a somewhat different sort from the feeling that one usually calls religious. It is more a feeling of awe at the scheme that is manifested in the material universe. It does not lead us to take the step of fashioning a god-like being in our own image-a personage who makes demands of us and who takes an interest in us as individuals. There is in this neither a will nor a goal, nor a must, but only sheer being. For this reason, people of our type see in morality a purely human matter, albeit the most important in the human sphere.”

einstein: “The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion. Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science. Anyone to whom this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives in a state of fear is a dead man. To know that what is impenatrable for us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, whose gross forms alone are intelligible to our poor faculties – this knowledge, this feeling … that is the core of the true religious sentiment. In this sense, and in this sense alone, I rank myself amoung profoundly religious men.”

einstein is not being Fe or Fi or "emotional". he is being knowledgable.
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