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Solitude, universal truths, and emotional wank seem like INTp hallmarks to me.
How so? How is that *not* INFp? (Rhetorical questions, answer if you will, in other words they aren't hallmarks of INTp really, but at very least are also INFp)
While INFps and INTps are both moonbeam catchers, one gives greater value to impressionistic matters of the heart, the other to factual matters of the head. Hiding and intellectualizing emotions don't mean they're absent, so emo wank is quite possible with INTps. One friend goes to great lengths to impress those very few women who impress him but suffers from lack of companionship the rest of the time. Another often bemoans the lack of love in her life and her difficulties fitting in with her fellow medical students.

He is convinced that living is impossible if one disregards the natural laws that regulate the world.

You are well familiar with the structure of the object, its deepest essence...You are observant, imaginative, with the help that fill the missing information on the subject of analysis. [T]he results [of this analysis] represent the illumination. You [are a] philosophizing sage who seeks escape from the madding crowd.

[T]hey rarely speak of their most valued relationships with others to common outsiders that they consider superficial acquaintances...ILIs may love from afar and in their solitude if there is something or someone they love, due to their lack of confidence in their own feelings. Some ILIs may even be closet romantics. ILIs can also be quite sensitive, despite their outward emotional reservation, and are sometimes far more emotionally vulnerable than they appear.

I'm curious if you find it difficult to explain complex thoughts in simple terms, as it *seems* that's what you're getting at.

In other words, I think you do (at least from what I can see), and it ties in with what I mentioned earlier on in last post....

Someone with strong T doesn't have such an issue, and it can be why INTps are more economical with their words, as they *can* summarise complex situations easily - esp if their Ti is strong as well as their Te, basically good T.
Why waste time writing a paragraph or three when a handful of choice words will suffice. Spelling out what I regard as self-evident is annoying.

Also, observed behavior doesn't always reveal its underlying mechanisms. With those like myself whose lives unfold mostly in their heads, WYSIWYG is often false.
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