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It's a general observation of mine that those who attempt to control others are unwilling or incapable of entertaining thoughts or ways of life other than their own. Whether it springs from the ego-inflation of narcissism or the externality-annihilation of solipsism, it's a selfish means of resolving ambiguous and adversarial psycho-social factors (i.e. the thoughts and behaviors of one's fellows) at the cost of others' personal identities and values.

To wit:
he doesn't realize that I ain't him and don't have the logical strength ,interest, method and attitude he has.
His interests are pedantically boring and mentally difficult for me to digest constantly
he just pisses me off constantly with his basic attitude and persists in trying to make me do things I either cannot or don't want to do and doesn't give a **** that hes pissing me off and that I can't do what he asks and the way he asks it
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