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If you want to know what Prom thinks maybe you can PM him, otherwise please take your ridiculous persistance elsewhere - or at least, don't involve me. Thank you.

Originally Posted by stanprollyright
Absolutely. The nature of autism is really similar to an extreme form of what is often attributed to Ni leading.
I can't resist myself. This is just insanity.

If you follow the works of Swiss neurobiologists Kamila and Henry Makram, you will see that among the most recent hyposits is that autism comes about from a hypersensitivity to the world, that is, the autistic experiences the senses so strongly that the brain is unable to process it, it leaves the brain overwhelmed.

Originally Posted by AUTISM
IMAGINE a world where every sound jars like a jackhammer, every light is a blinding strobe, clothes feel like sandpaper and even your own mother's face appears as a jumble of frightening and disconnected pieces. This, say neuroscientists Kamila and Henry Markram of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, is how it feels to be autistic.
THAT is what the mind of an autist is like, THAT has nothing to do with Ni, nor is it attributed to Ni in any way that I can think of, even "extreme" Ni.

There's maybe something wrong with our 'duality', even when apparently agreeing there is strife, hmmm.

Originally Posted by stanprollyright
I'm not saying it can't, just like MBTI isn't incapable of predicting comfortable relationships. I'm saying they were designed with different goals in mind. I think socionics can apply to career choice in a somewhat clumsy manner, as long as you look at specific careers and how much they use various ego functions. The best indicator I've seen is based on club.
Well, are you familiar with all the socionists and their take on this? Leaving aside what a 'socionist' is just now, if you have heard of Tatyana Prokofieva, she is head of some socionics institute in Ukraine. She has written articles relating type to career choice, indeed she believes in order to excel we need a job which uses our ego block.

I suppose I have issues with you stating things as fact when they are not, that is one of the things I see as 'attacking", notwithstanding that you probably don't understand where Prom is coming from, and that he hasn't posted for months.

Originally Posted by k0rps3y
The me-ism I spoke of stems not from an extrovert's prideful egotism but an introvert's skeptical solipsism. I was tempted to say this explicity before but opted instead for simpler and apparently less precise language.
I'm aware you meant it in a different context, that is why I was joking - that is why I explained I was joking, however, as you persisted I decided to assist you with an explanation.

Feel free to use it, or not.

Originally Posted by k0rps3y
The me-ism I spoke of stems not from an extrovert's prideful egotism but an introvert's skeptical solipsism. I was ]Because the original thread was about someone else. Feel free to hit me up with as many questions as you choose, but since doing so in the original thread noisily obscures responses to Abeille's questions, I'd also much rather take it elsewhere.
I don't remember asking you this, it was directed towards another user, perhaps you missed that.

In regards to asking you questions, I appreciate the offer, if something comes up which I think may be of interest to me, i'll ask.

I'll say however, if you want to combine different Jung typologies, as far as i'm concerned it's up to you, it depends whether it is useful for you or not, it is not a socionic concentration camp afaik.

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