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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Was just curious. Most political movements or culture changes happen through an ideology. Ni tends to see where it goes and Ti tends to be ideologically based. Couple the Ni with Ti seeking it's easy to see them being receptive to an ideology and having a vision as to it's direction. Most figures or 'movements' in recent history have been Beta eg Hilter is the old favourite EIE to refer to.

Delta Ne see many possibilities, and they try to understand someone more through Fi, so more likely to give an individual the benefit of the doubt. As Te seeking is not ideologically based but objectively based they'd be more inclined to see the holes in buying into something on a bigger scale, but perhaps encourage the best in an individual.
Is Ti ideologically based because it creates systems with knowledge, is the system the ideology? Did Hitler have any evil ISTj cohorts?
I used to work with this girl, reminded me a bit of Hitler, we really clashed, she was very self rightous about her values, smug as well in my opinion, good looking though.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Well, I was punning the U2 song, but apparently some people see us as 'mysterious' in that still waters run deep or something so often the case it takes time for them to reveal more about themselves than the superficial. Not that they try to hide themselves on purpose, it's just their general way.
I had developed a very purposeful amnesia to that song....thanks...I now have the weeks of nightmares to look forward to and the grinning mug of bono burnt back into my minds eye.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
You've probably met more than you realise, but not as good at spotting them yet.
I reckon I'm getting fairly attuned to Si and Te, it's easier for me to identify ESTj's at the moment, less mysterious, I also seem to have a couple in my immediate social sphere. I know a couple of people who I suspect are ISTp's but not well.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
What descriptions have you read?
all the wikisocion ones
rocked through alot of the 16 types forums.

Reading about ideas doesn't really have that much relevence to me, unless I have some first hand knowledge, I also need to know how that idea relates to what I've experienced, or learned from someone who's opinion I value.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Quite possibly.

Do you find yourself to be someone who is almost always be inquisitive? What sort of things do you like finding out?
most things, not interested in sports or celebrities (much).
art...I know quite a bit about art
philosophy- was really into this for a while and got in too deep, dangerous murky confusing, Sartre broke my brain and I called it quits.
pop science-you know, easy to read stuff like Dawkins and new scientist articles, a few of my friends are scientists so I'll argue with them about things.
pop economics- read the economist, I like arguing with city boys
politics- once again not too deep, but will read and talk to people about it.
history- spend too much sleeping time reading, I like going to historical places, but also new places that are creating history.
psychology- read some jung a few years back, slowly getting hooked on this socionics malarky.
religion- I'm not religious but a lot of people are so I think it's important
current affairs- bunked off work to hang outside the lehman brothers building,
went to China to see whats going on there, Russia to see if it felt like there would be a new cold war etc., read broadsheets and tabloids, will watch news channels from a number of countries/angles
people- hopes, fears, motivations, lives, stories, I really like stories (I like socionics for this reason too)
everything, too many things,
*crap another rant...I could shorten's quarter past eight...need to go...when did it get so late...stop typing you fool*

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