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Originally Posted by king View Post
I'm interested in why you asked this, could you explain your thoughts on the matter?
Was just curious. Most political movements or culture changes happen through an ideology. Ni tends to see where it goes and Ti tends to be ideologically based. Couple the Ni with Ti seeking it's easy to see them being receptive to an ideology and having a vision as to it's direction. Most figures or 'movements' in recent history have been Beta eg Hilter is the old favourite EIE to refer to.

Delta Ne see many possibilities, and they try to understand someone more through Fi, so more likely to give an individual the benefit of the doubt. As Te seeking is not ideologically based but objectively based they'd be more inclined to see the holes in buying into something on a bigger scale, but perhaps encourage the best in an individual.
Do you? in what way? I believe my first hand experiences of ISTP's are very limited, I have read the descriptions etc, however I would like to learn more.
Well, I was punning the U2 song, but apparently some people see us as 'mysterious' in that still waters run deep or something so often the case it takes time for them to reveal more about themselves than the superficial. Not that they try to hide themselves on purpose, it's just their general way.

You've probably met more than you realise, but not as good at spotting them yet.

What descriptions have you read?
unless this is further evidence of delta NF gullability.
Quite possibly.

Do you find yourself to be someone who is almost always be inquisitive? What sort of things do you like finding out?

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