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Originally Posted by shadowpuppet View Post
To be honest, I think that what you just said is typical of Ti (maybe some Ne), but I could be wrong...I think you might use Ti a lot but not care enough about the result to remember it unless you see it as important (that is where Fi or Ne has influence), leading you to pursue an unstructured general attitude...
Fi is holistic and very much sensitive to disturbances in the force.
Ti is linear and just goes about its business (kind of like RSV3---my guess only)
But what is Xi- is that not an attitude too ?

I would have to think i use Fi over Ti.....i just havn't heard any significant evidence to suggest otherwise.

Fi goes with Te but you have to remember that Te has its origins in Fi and Ti are really close together.....kind of like having a girlfriend who snores...on those nights she doesn't the two of you can coincide peacefully(an Fi/Ti thing) in the same bedroom, but as soon as she acts up (and she usually does) send her off to the spare bedroom(an FiTe thing)., come to think of it.... i have problems getting myself a girlfriend that doesn't snore............interestingly snoring seems to be an ST phenomena as i've been with mostly STs (further research req'd though....all female participants are welcome,lol)
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.
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