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Kensi, here's a test based solely on the 11 reinin dichotomies. Just pick the best answer (sometimes you'll agree with both options, but just pick the one that fits you best) and don't try to explain your answer.

1. When you first walk into a room, are you thinking about how comfortable the room is or how beautifully/tastefully furnished it is?

2. When you start a new job are you thinking more about the pay/benefits/location or more about where the job will lead you in life (i.e., advancement opportunities, etc.)?

3. If you had planned a holiday, but then had to put the money you were saving for the holiday to another use, would you… still go on the vacation and find new ways to finance the vacation or would you not go on the vacation?

4. If someone asked you to describe the weather in your town, would you be more likely to generalize the weather (e.g., it always rains here) or give the weather trend (it’s been getting warmer every day)?

5. If someone came up to you and knew nothing about socionics and asked you about it and what you thought their type was, would you rather describe to them what socionics is in general or would you rather try and figure out and tell them their type?

6. If people are discussing a problem on a thread, are you going to be more sensitive to the overall emotional tone of the thread and try and improve it, or are you going to focused on solving the problem that is being discussed?

7. When you are reading someone’s post, are you more likely to first notice the positive/strong points made in the post or the negative/weak points in the post?

8. When making conclusions, do you prefer to use concepts that you have formed as an individual or do you prefer to use concepts that have been formed as a group of people?

9. Are you better at multitasking or focusing on just one single task.

10. When solving a problem, do you see yourself as part of the process or do you see yourself as manipulating the process from the outside with more attention focused on the actual result?

11. When you post, is your writing more of a dialogue with a number of questions for other users, or are your posts more of a monologue, where you just make statements and do not really ask for others input?

Increased expression of one function (1) suppresses the opposing intradichotomy function and (2) suppresses the opposing intrablock function (and vise versa).
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