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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
type both Chris Paul and David West and this should give you a big clue:
Typing two random people that you do not physically know will not yield any clues.

Despite what you write. I am convinced that you are ENFj. You are simply too disjointed in your thinking, your writing style, too aggressive and you do not listen enough to be an INFp.

In the thread about perfect partner when were unable to describe even a somewhat idealised perfect partner, it's obvious that an INFp would have done this easily (they are the romantic after all.)

Your references to people having to be positive is not an INFp thing. They can be far too introspective for that. It's a dominant Fe thing if anything.

The way you shot Prom down looked like an ENFj supervising an INTp.

And you seem like an ENFj to me.

I'm also not able to trust your answers because I know that you do not like reading (you said this) so your answers will often be skewed from the question (which I pick up on)

I think an ISTj would be good at that with you because they would tell you in no uncertain terms to listen to what he or she was saying. And coming from the way ISTj's act, I think you would be actually take this positively.

Infact I am pretty much sure you are ENFj and that is for now my final diagnosis on your type.
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