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When you first mentioned it Cyclops, I thought that maybe you were right in that Kensi may be an ESFj. However, having dated more than one ESFj, I think the there are some indications that Kensi is not an ESFj. Take this statement made by Kensi:

Originally Posted by kensi View Post
I will say that i am not terribly involved in the conversations at social dinners....and tend to just grin or laugh at something funny, unless of course something really interests me. Also i don't tend to have much patience for small trivial matters.
Now granted, some ESFjs at a dinner party, if they feel they cannot contribute anything meaningful to the conversation will instead just smile warmly and emit positive vibes (at least that's how they feel to me as an INTj ). But SFs love to socialize and what makes me doubt that Kensi is an ESFj is the fact that he said his ex "forced" him to go to these dinner parties. Most ESFjs would look forward to such a social gathering and would enjoy going.

Furthermore, Kensi says he doesn't have much patience for small trivial matters. From my experience with ESEs, I really appreciate how they handle and take care of the so called small trivial matters so that I don't have to worry about them. In essence, Kensi hasn't really displayed much Si to me, especially when I compare him to the ESEs that I know.

But I'll agree with you that I still think INFp is the most probable type for Kensi, that ENFj is another likely possibility.

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