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Well, I think first of all that you should forget about MBTI when discussing socionics, because the functions, although having the same name, mean two different things in the two systems.

In regards to what I am doing, I am attempting to draw you out more to obtain more information from you. I'm trying to keep my questions vague - because - from experience, when someone is confused about socionics etc, then they try to attach incorrect meanings to things if asked too directly.

However ..

From some of the questions I have asked you, you do seem to indicate that you could be INFp. But to be honest you seem far too confronational to be so. Most INFp's I have known, they know how to get on with everyone. This is due to their Ni openened possibilities being filtered through to their Fe.

One thing that I am sure of is that you have weak Te, because you get flustered when asked to provide factual information and you do not seem to be able to tie the factual information together. When I present my facual information you either react defensively or you switch off. This shows that it is definitely a vulnerable point for you. You are Ti seeking because although you attempt to display things from a structural, system 'bricks and mortar' type approach, it is clear you reguire assistance in this, and you like people to provide Ti to support your Ti seeking.

Take however users RSV3P, Vibration who all use Ti. You enjoy absorbing the information and I think it even gives you a kick reading their posts.

I am sure of Fe ego. When you get defensive you respond by 'attacking' the person on an outwardly emotional try to make them look bad rather than try to counter their arguments - ie you think it is more important that people behave 'positively' and you seperate this from negativity.

In regards to your type then, this leaves INFp and ENFj. Although the answers you gave me actually indicate INFp more-even the vagueness of your answers is suggestive of dominant Ni to me-it's almost like your not sure of the answers yourself, which can make you seem non committal maybe hiding something, I do somehow 'sense' that ENFj is more like you in your actions.

So..we have a slight issue..I honestly think you could be a third type. ESFj Why? Because your interests and how you approach things don't sound like a Gulenko temperament of NF, you seem more SF in the things you like.

Also, ESFj's can be interested in status because it's like a social Fe thing in a way - how others perceive you.

I seriously think you could be INFp, ENFj and ESFj should be given serious consideration.

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