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Originally Posted by Marie84 View Post
Same. Extroverted Ethical types generally have the best social skills

I copied-and-pasted to show the actual sources of the information, rather than making gibberish up without any basis for it.
They're what Socionists say, not me

The use of like/dislike, moods, etc, are classified as ethical uses, in Socionics, since they're not based on logic but feelings.
You develop feelings about people and things because of how it makes you feel, not because it's logical.
Everyone can use logic and ethics, regardless of type, but ethical types have an easier time feelings comfortable about their feelings towards people/thing whereas logical types will often question if their feelings make sense.
Same thing for ethical types when it comes to matters of logic
You haven't addressed the issue of F being a judging function with some intuitive aspects, that it deals with the unknown.
This is where the concept of duality comes in, to assist where the other is weak
A supervisor or any other type can also assist where one is weak, supervisors and ISFp-ISTp's etc and other relations can also become good friends and assist the other in their insecurities.

What about self-dualisation? Not everyone has a supportive dual.

You're right, but they only use Ti through Te for Te
What does this mean? If someone displays Ti how do you know it's through Te? If it's Ti then it's Ti, you're distinction makes no sense, all you can estimate is that they're a T type.

Anyway you agree that a Te type can and does use Ti and doesn't therefore see Ti as pointless.

Re ESTj's not being involved in socionics, same can be said for ESFj's, maybe it's not function related as these types are just the most active in actual living to be around internet communities? And if it's related to it being simply Te then there wouldn't be so many of the other Te types around. How do you fit that in?
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