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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I can't speak for everyone but I know nothing about MBTI functions. MBTI isn't really that well known outide America, at least in UK it is probably as well known as socionics (ie not very).
Totally false. MBTI is pretty well-known in most Western countries, and used by organizations and companies to test personnel. Socionics is pretty much never heard of in the West.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
OK, I made this post a long time ago, just about the time that i'd heard about Model A. It was part of a discussion and I (or people) were asked to describe Te

(I edited out the part in my quote which says i'm trying to describe my etc for I think obvious reasons of impartiality). At that time I thought I was ISTp, and had ego .
So first you got it right, and now you have brainwashed yourself and got it wrong. The usual pattern emerges; people come here or to the 16types, and they have often got a roughly correct view on what type they are. And then the madness begins. People's brains start spinning. They spin around and around, faster and faster, until everything is a mess in their heads and they have lost all contact with reality and the basic facts they started with.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
What is interesting I think is that, even although I was attempting to describe Te, it is rather clear to me that Ti is still the dominant function i'm expressing here, given that (among other things):
It's not . It is definitely not . It is disgusting to have to listen to charlatans who don't have a clue what they are doing in Socionics. You spreading bullshit. That should come to an end.

Originally Posted by Aushra
Such an individual perceives information from without as a sense of objects' proper or improper correlation/proportion, a sense of balance or imbalance between them, or an awareness or unawareness of the advantages of one object over another.
That's a different thing entirely from what you describe in the quote that started this thread. What Aushra describes has nothing to do with information gathering and pulling together all relevant facts. People simply must see that they are two different things, otherwise you are just blind or don't understand what you are reading.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
It seems most people see it as Ti, and as an Alpha NT.
Yes, that has always been the sad truth on these forums. Most forum members just don't get it. They never learn the functions correctly, and they continue to mistype -- over and over again. It's disgusting.
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