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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
One can understand why you make that mistake, and you are certainly not alone in making it. But these socionic forums will never rise above the level of kindergartens if people refuse to learn the functions correctly. Why do people over and over again get the wrong idea that this is ? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that people are lead astray by MBTI sites.

There is nothing in Socionics that would suggest that this is . So why do you refuse to accept this fact? Can't you read? Don't you understand what you read? Or what is it?
OK Prom, for me I feel you've made your point, that you see it as INTp, that's fine. I just want to hear everyones opinions and not for it to be dragged into a discussion with yourself vs anyone who might care to make a suggestion otherwise.

I suppose there is plenty of time to disagree, but hopefully not plenty of time to discuss with someone who would never move their opinion or perhaps even be prepared to re-consider it.
Originally Posted by Prometheus
Can't you read?
Yes I can read and I suppose this sort of stuff like I quoted isn't necessary.

Originally Posted by Prometheus
Or what is it?
I suppose it takes a lot of bizarre energy to discuss with someone who I don't think would ever budge and just insult and ad hominem instead, I don't want to get fanatical! :-)

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