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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
It's clearly not , and it's important that people understand why. Like all rational functions rejects information early in the information gathering process. does not take on as many facts as it can, and does not "pull together all the available facts, and use all the facts" it has gathered. It requires an irrational type to think and behave like that.

The focus on facts and external information comes from . The desire to put it all together into a coherent whole, a coherent and correct world view, comes from . The attitude that is expressed in the quote is clearly not EJ temperament, because it doesn't have the necessary focus on effectiveness, practical results, what the information can be used for, etc. It strongly suggest IP temperament.

It certainly seems so.
If this typing is accurate, then maybe I understand more than I do. I didn't read the two posts before me describing the functions. I didn't even know what the triangles/squares meant or referred to until I looked it up just know. So, my guess was based solely on the description Cyclops provided and the socionic site description of the various types. I went from thinking that this person was definitely a P and T, but I wasn't sure about S or N. When I read the ISTP description, didn't seem to match, but when I read about the INTP observer, it seemed to fit the best. That was fun.

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