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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
Thanks, Kany

Not really...if you follow his discernable train of though. I guess though it depends what you consider "consider" . He was quite bent on ENFj in large majority part. I do think i understand why and my hat is off to him....but i've gotten along way too well with ISTps (yes, those with the very same look as in Ganin's celebrity page...only not as weird as Mr.Bean, LOL)

INFP there, i'm confident, is quite different than INFp here....there it would make me FiNe and i know that these are a Delta value and it would have to make me INFj here (a Delta value too)

MBTI Central has little impact on me anal retentive and all but other types were suggested too.....including ISFp which i find to be a most interesting suggestion and one which i havn't looked at for a long time....but i doubt that Chinosleep will think that i am the same type as he...i dunno...let's ask him.

Please. Kanerou.

I am INFP/ENFp. And I still am not so sure about automatic j/p switch.

*shrugs* That's fine. If you're talking about MB, that's ISFP. Hey, we can ask.
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