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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
A quadra is not a group of types that are similar. All of the types in a certain quadra are much more different than they are similar.
Wrong. Every small group (quadras, temperaments, clubs, etc) has the same number of similarities and differences with intra-group members as any other small group. This is because each small group is a combination of a certain number of dichotomies which every member of the small group shares in common with each other.

Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
You should compare yourself with other socionic groups, for example the Clubs:

1. NT Researchers
2. NF Humanitarians
3. ST Pragmatists
4. SF Socials

We already know that you are a NF Humanitarian, but as a type you have more in common with other NF types than you have with the members of your quadra.
This is wrong again. She should not be examining club differences precisely because she is already a known NF; you have it reversed. If she already knows she's an NF, then looking at club differences is redundant and irrelevant. She is trying to determine E/I and J/P dichotomies at this point which makes quadras, temperaments, etc. the more pertinent small groups for her to examine.

Increased expression of one function (1) suppresses the opposing intradichotomy function and (2) suppresses the opposing intrablock function (and vise versa).
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