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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
The differences between rational and irrational types (Js and Ps) are about having different biological life rhythms. The differences between two Quasi-Identical types are about preferring totally different socionic functions.

Two Quasi-Identicals have trouble understanding each others value systems and each others different ways of thinking, resulting in misunderstandings and often not knowing exactly what the other person is trying to say or what his or her real motives are.

In contrast, two Mirror types (also always one J and one P) understand each other very well when it comes to values, motives, and what the other peson is trying to say. The situation is totally different here.
Oh so that sounds like theres a big difference. Each others value systems? Each others ways of thinking that sounds like there could be really big misunderstandings... If I could have an example (I remember it said somewhere, a essay written by your partner looks totally 'weird' or something like that.) Value how do you mean exactly by that? Like morals or something? :S Damn this sounds like a potential disaster then for quasi-identicals.
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