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Originally Posted by shadowpuppet View Post
Kensi's an 'F' type, he says that he has trouble with (though I don't think so).
Its kind of a hard thing to understand without a propper model cause I is capable of existing all on it's own regardless of the type of connections (T or F) are made.

My current problem with accepting that i use Ti has to do with the fact that I cannot retain with good efficiency Ti knowledge (w.r.t the Ne or Se modifiers that it is associated with). Any Ti knowledge that i aquire seems to be short-term memory and not long-term like say that of RSV3 probably. This Ti just dissipates in my long term ability to use it.

I see myself much more interested in a holistic Fi attitude-de-grande rather than a linear Ti one. Any strong Si anchors of form....allow my Ne to take off and produce more Si connections with which to further dive into Ne......but my Ti can only make a slight appearance in the I world to say hi... before it quickly changes over to Te. Si of course being form in nature and not like the structure of Ti, has superior momentum but inferior accessibility.

But there is always an alternate way to describe it......
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.
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