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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
that's what the trying is for.... to prove that your attempts have failed as it doesn't feel right.......and thus claim something else come naturally.

under the traditional models.........the activational impetus looks this way....

ENFj - 1.Fe 6.Se (Socx)

ENFJ - 1.Fe 3.Se (MBTI)
....thats hard to do for me, in the grande scheme of things, unlike for some other people, ...quite hard actually...especially the accepting mimic it is something else all entirely. I know people who can do this with great ease.
I don't get it. I don't have to try to be what I am wired to be; I simply am. For example, I can try to be an ESTp, but I'd fail miserably. I could try to be an INFj; I might succeed somewhat. Or I could just be myself and determine my type from that.
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