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Well what is intuition? The best explanation that I have ever been given is that it is a predominantly unconscious process which sifts through large quantities of information and comes up with a sort of "estimation" You give a person a question and they come up with an answer that seems to fit best.

If a person is placed in a new and uncertain context their intuition will enable them to solve problems by turning the world into a working metaphor. Like being stranded in a forest: "there are trees, they are made of wood- houses are made of wood. The vines sort of look like rope, i can use them to tie the wood together. Logs are sort of like lincoln logs, i can pile them in that way and make a cabin." The intuition is just projecting itself onto the context.

So I don't see why intuition wouldnt necessarily use logic in some way. Would it be unreasonable to say that intuition uses logic for processing? I have seen no evidence to suggest that intuition is completely separate from logic. Just because socionics represents intuition as a triangle and logic as a square doesn't convince me that they aren't interrelated processes. There is no "intuition box" in the brain. Since it it predominantly unconscious who is to say what is going on behind the curtain?
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