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Originally Posted by Banter View Post
EP temperament

  • flexible
  • mobile
  • impulsive, shifting from apparent inactivity to bursts of energy, often several times a day, showing impatience during them
  • walk is energetic but "cat-like"
  • often seems optimistic and open-minded
  • entertains people easily and naturally
  • inclined to fidget when forced to remain inactive for long periods
EPs are both static and irrational, so they perceive reality as mostly not changing, and when it does, it's in abrupt "leaps" from one state to another. An EP is bothered by the lack of change, especially as seen through his leading function, since his personal preference is for change. That makes him impulsive, with sudden bursts of action, energy, or even just thought, as he tries to get his perceptions "moving".
As extroverts, EPs tend to be feel that it is up to them to initiate contacts with other people, and EPs in particular tend to feel quite natural in that role.
It's always nice to know your copy and paste works.

OK then I went to an old folks home and they were all like this! Oh wait maybe they fitted IX.

Still, at least I met them
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