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Default oh, oh, oh, I wanna be typed too!

Some testing info:
I have taken a few personality test and I've always come out as some sort of "NF", ennagram was 5w4, but don't let that color your judgment.

Fun facts about me:, didn't think it would be that hard to talk about me, but it's actually kinda creepy... deep breath... have a hard time making friends, small talk, etc. tend to be shy and usually socially awkward, unless I'm spontaneously filled with some overwhelming gleeful and crazy feeling that will push me over the edge and allow to me socialize with unknown creatures, but alas, that happens like, never.

I have a very, very bad habit of forgetting where I put my s**t. ALL THE TIME. I now give myself an hour and a half before important appointments to hunt down everything that I need. It's not that I enjoy being messy or forgetful, but after some self-analysis, I've realized when I put something somewhere, I'm just dropping it, and make no mental note of the location. After said analysis, I have yet to make any improvements in this area.

People who talk about one thing for an extended period of time (more than 10 minutes) bore the crap out of me, but I suffer through it because I feel it is important to listen to others, or at least pretend to . maybe it's a politeness thing with me. Come to think of it, it's very rare that I actually enjoy being with someone for a long time. I need, crave, and relish my alone time.

Someone once made a comment about me: that I like to hurt other people before they can hurt me. I think it's somewhat true of me, but I wouldn't say always. Maybe it's just a way of protecting myself. I think after years of trying to open myself to others and being hurt, it's just become a defense mechanism for me. Or maybe I'm just mean sometimes. or both. hmm, I didn't really like that paragraph. anyway, moving on...

I once, very briefly, thought of becoming a nurse. Fortunately, I came to my senses because as someone who becomes nauseated seeing their own blood being drawn, it would not have been a happy marriage. Totally grossed out by blood, gore, guts. Oddly though, I love shows like Forensic Files.
Other occupations I have entertained: writer, actress, photographer for National Geographic (okay, who hasn't??), travel agent, drifter, truck driver, crime scene investigator, nutritionist, some sort of researcher or brainstormer-type thing.

Is that enough to be typed?? I hope so, because it's kinda weird writing about myself to a bunch of people I don't know.
oh, and good luck!
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