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SG 20/05/2010 11:17 PM

Pretty awesome

felafel 21/05/2010 02:05 AM

haha wish i could do that, lol :D

SG 21/05/2010 09:39 AM

Me too ;)

k0rps3y 21/05/2010 10:15 AM

She isn't my type, but to my eye her appearance is improved far more by just smiling than by applying makeup.

privilege 21/05/2010 10:55 AM

Yeah, many of us, girls, do this every morning. You knew that, didn't you?:D

Cyclops 21/05/2010 11:03 AM

It amazes me how woman do this, and here's me thinking i've made an effort when finally getting round to getting haircut.

Having worked with a fair amount of women, i've noticed how some can look completely different when they are going on works night out, and I realised that this affect isn't quite caused by me having beer goggles.

So is there moral of the story? No, lol, I suppose just that not to be intimated by a girl who appears good looking :D

Oh, also the girls who are extremely made up each day, not that much of a natural looker and I often think can tell they are insecure about it.

In saying that, a lot of guys nowadays wear make up and stuff, metrosexuals.

I DO think that the girl is OK looking in first picture as much as last, just in first picture she could smile more, however it is all a game really isn't it? Making an effort for going out on dates/going to work, it's the display of effort that's been applied which makes the impression at least as much as the actual end result.

To look good, imo: Don't be too fat (ie look after your body within reasonable limits). Don't actually need fantastic clothes just make sure they match OK and are clean. Crazy fly away hair should be tamed.

SG 21/05/2010 11:30 AM

I think fake eyelashes make big difference especially for Asian type.

Cyclops 21/05/2010 11:32 AM

They got them big eyes. Hmmmm Natalie Imbruglia in her prime <3

Cyclops 21/05/2010 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by Cyclops (Post 22492)
They got them big eyes. Hmmmm Natalie Imbruglia in her prime <3

Which doesn't mean she's Asian lol. Just the eyes are somewhat striking.

mihai_m 22/05/2010 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by SG (Post 22472)

Wow! Some guy goes to bed at night with someone and wakes up with someone else :).

SG 22/05/2010 06:20 AM

I didn't know make up just disappears over night :D

nahbee1235 23/05/2010 06:44 PM


didn't know make up just disappears over night :D
it can get messy and/or rub off...

felafel 29/05/2010 10:16 PM

Looking for distractions and thought would add to this lol
fast-forward to 2:22. she is, practically, crying! i've sorta stopped doing this puncture-your-eye with a pencil kind of activity, but, wow, men have no clue what women go through lol. and that's not the least of it!

privilege 11/06/2010 07:09 PM

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