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Frederico 05/11/2010 06:35 PM

Hi, Im Frederico, INTP.
Ive seen your interesting relationship chart.
As I have some doubts about circumstances of my live, I decided to join and discuss them.
Thanks for having me. :)

laghlagh 07/02/2011 01:11 AM

hey, i'm kassie. i'm eii. :)

Tbear92 13/06/2011 06:34 AM

Hello there, nice to meet you.
Hi everyone.
I'm new to this site and the whole MBTI thing but it's really interesting. I'm an INFJ and currently I am a sophomore and I live in Canada now.

Hey, if you are interested or want someone to chat with, just hit me up, I like to have good conversations or I'll reply when I can. I'm nice and easy going (not that you don't already know according to my MBTI), but send me a msg if you want, I have no preference for which personality type you are, but um you know, I'm still looking to get along well of course. :p

Banter 13/06/2011 09:31 PM

:welcome: Tbear92! Enjoy your stay!

Arielle 23/07/2011 06:42 PM

Hi! So, uhm, I'm new to this site. I stumbled over Socionics while searching for info about MBTI. I don't know much about socionics, but I hope I'll learn more here. :)
I'm not sure about my type. Tests says INFp, but I doubt it. ENFp fits pretty well too.

SG 23/07/2011 09:26 PM

Welcome to the forums!

BTW if you post picture of yourself it might help us to determine your type :)

Yaaroslav 24/07/2011 02:55 PM

I teach you the lessons of Socionics
I am very far in their knowledge of Socionics. Working in socionics since 2003, having regular contact with top experts such as Socionists: Bukalov, Gulenko, Mironov, Talanov, Meged, Churyumov, conducting numerous experiments I have been able to achieve such results are not yet come none of socionist.

But keep in mind that my knowledge is organized on the principle of a brick house: without a foundation - you do not build walls, no walls you do not build the roof. By analogy with the brick house: Without knowledge of the material "A" - you do not know the material "B". Without knowledge of the material "B" - you do not know the material "C" and so on...

I am writing this message for you to know what awaits you in front of a lot of information which is in effect allow you to achieve this knowledge Socionics with its true effect, laws and benefits on people who do not know Socionics

Just watch carefully for my lessons: a thorough study of my articles - and not let fatigue hurts because I can tell you: THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!
Well, to finish my message, I want you all to say in unison

I'm proud to know about socionics!!!

Biff 15/08/2011 10:19 PM

Hi all, you can call me Biff. I'm quite positively ENTp, female, and in my mid-teens. I'm silly but mainly in an oddball and intellectual sort of way, and I enjoy serious discussions of theoretical topics such as psychology.

I'm very familiar with Jungian and MBTI psychology and relatively new to Socionics, so I'm bound to be a bit confused about certain concepts when it comes to where Jungian and MBTI theory ends and Socionics begins.

CuriousityCore 19/08/2011 02:43 PM

Hi, I am supposed to be CuriosityCore but I was typing CuriousCat at first so I mispelled my own username... Anyway, I am a girl and I am relatively new to socionics (I know a bit about MBTI though, but the systems are differents) and I think I might be LII or ILE (Ti) (possibly ILI), that is to say INTj or ENTp.

I am an INTP with the MBTI, very introverted but since I suffer from social anxiety it is hard to tell how introverted I should normally be (I was a bit more self-confident and extraverted when I was younger in the usual sense of the word, not in the psychological sense of it).

I can forget about my shyness if provided with a huge amusing debate (trolling in real life could almost be a job for me but I won't troll on the forum).

I am a literary student so expect me to claim I cannot do basic maths or am a tortured soul unable to comprehend sciences, the society or psychological theories which deny my unique yet redundant individuality. :p

Math 24/08/2011 07:52 PM

Hi, thank you for maintaining this website; I am on this website now. I am an ESTP. I think. Hope I dont get kicked off somehow (that is an example of a thought I wouldnt of said out loud). Anyway, thanks, Ill read you later, everybody; have a super day

Banter 24/08/2011 10:50 PM

LOL Ditto! :D

...and welcome to the forum!

Juanita Wardell 05/09/2011 07:59 AM

I am nervous about this encounter; however, I am very interested in the subject matter. I would like to learn more about myself.

Duckie 08/10/2011 05:26 PM

Female here, read quite a bit about both socionics and mbti.
Still not 100% sure about my own type, I seem to have a really hard time seeing myself objectively.

In terms of mbti I am 100% sure of the P and 90% sure am an F - but as far as E/I and S/N I am torn.

So --- I am either an ISFP, ESFP, INFP or ENFP.


GUIMPIV 03/11/2011 04:13 PM

Hello everyone!!! first of, thanks for having me here SG and Socionics crew
I'm an INTP who wanted to improve his communication skills ....and ever since i first came across an mbti book barely two months ago i just couldn't give it a rest and kept reading anything i found online. Hope i can get to know some nice people here and for a start I'd be more than willing to share and exchange literature with whoever is interested in doing so.
Caveat, not a native speaker so i might be mixing typos with crosscultural slang and sometimes i may very well sound like an australian Apu

I found the relationship chart yesterday and, though I'm not 100% sure about the results I have to admit that those who came up with this discovery are certainly onto something.



jamescondor 17/11/2011 07:20 PM

Good stuff
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Hello everybody. I just joined socionics today and took a survey titled How certain are you of your type?
This poll question only shows that people have tastes, ways of doing things, or personalities if you will. Of course we do right. We call it human nature or personality or character or whatever. But the reason for this is unclear. Nobody knows why people are people. Have any of you researched or studied philosophy? Well then you know nobody knows yet, and we keep trying to figure it out just like personality tests. We all have a desire to know where we fit but we do not control this desire.
I think there is either one personality for everyone or no personality for everyone and it is that we are all a combination of every type in some shape or form or no type which really means in both cases that none of us knows our personality. I will explain.
This poll has 5 votes (answers or outcomes). Anyone at any given time could vote for any of the selections, honestly. Just because 'Sarah', for instance, voted for the same one or gets the same result every time she takes a personality test only explains that she did vote for the same one every time and that she does get put into the same personality category every time. That is it.
And just because she was categorized say INFP doesn't mean that she will an INFP a year from now.
Let me break this down by the 5 outcomes on this poll. Outcome-I am convinced I know my type. This outcome should be-I THINK (for reasons unknown) I am convinced I know my type because I want this to be my type. Just because you want to show you're in control and know yourself and want that type doesn't really mean that you are that specific type.
The second outcome-I know part of my type- Well if you know part of your type then really you don't know your type because you would have to know your whole type to even know part of it.
The third outcome-I thought I knew my type but now I am not sure- well if you are unsure of your type then you do not know your type. Same reasoning as the second outcome.
The fourth outcome I'll come back to.
The fifth outcome-I don't want to know my type. Well yeah you do want to know your type it's just you know that its all bullhorn so even if you did know your type you still wouldn't know it so this whole thing doesn't really matter.

And the fourth outcome-I don't know my type should be the only outcome because it is really the only answer. And that is that there is only one personality for everyone and it is that we are all a combination of every type in some shape or form which really means none of us knows our personality.
It's okay to not know. It's human nature. We are all in the same boat.

lektrik 03/12/2011 02:48 AM

Hi, I don't have much to say, I tend to shut up and lurk. Interesting stuff here nonetheless though.

Samia 04/12/2011 09:16 PM

im samia i was bored so i came across with socionics but found out about mbti about 2 years ago im an enfp i just got really into it cuz i just found it interesting im loud outspoken and very immature and surprise people sometimes :)

Banter 04/12/2011 10:11 PM

:welcome: you all and enjoy your stay!

Dutch 10/01/2012 11:25 PM

I've visited this website for years and finally decided to register and join in. I'm looking forward to discuss with you and learn more about Socionics. :)

Dutch 11/01/2012 08:51 AM

Greetings, everyone,

I've read theory on socionics for years now and I finally decided to register to this website. I'm looking forward to discussing with you and learning more. :)

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