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SG 16/05/2007 10:56 AM

***Introduce Yourself Thread***
Here you go, the introduction thread, to make it a bit easier for the newcomers ;) I'll start...

Hi everyone! I'm SG the creator of I first came across socionics in 1989 and it became one of my interests since then. I'm INTj aka LII. I can be quite impatient and even rude sometimes (that's just me, still working on it :o ), so I apologise in advance if this happens. I will try to actively participate in discussion as much as I can but I can't promise anything at the moment. PM me if you need anything. Cheers everyone! :D

karen 16/05/2007 01:22 PM

Hi all,

I read most of what's posted but rarely post myself, mostly due to lack of confidence on the theoretical side of things. Having said that I thought it would be good to introduce myself after all this time, especially as I seem to be a type which has little representation in the forums (ESFj)

I started out with Myers Briggs around 4/5 years ago and have developed my interest in Socionics over the last couple of years, largely around inter-type relations as I was having a few personal problems around that time. I really enjoy trying to type people (but don't believe in VI!) and improving the quality of my relationships overall (probably my hidden agenda.) I also have to say that I'm a little bit perplexed as to why I find the site is so addictive, perhaps it's the high INTj content (my dual!)

I plan to post more frequently in future, so hope the introduction helps.

Jadae 16/05/2007 04:45 PM

Hi, My name is Jadae, and Im an alcoholic :)

Also, my name is Michael, Im an ENFj and I live in the Portland Metro, Oregon of USA. And I bet 1/3rd of the people that read this already know me, so hi to the rest of you :p

rationalrealist 16/05/2007 07:05 PM

Hi, everybody. What's up? I'm actually a girl, so i hope the username doesn't confuse you. I've been here for a while, but I just thought I'd say hi. I'm Fefe, and I'm from Florida, where the weather's sunny. I'm an INTP, also.

YearOfThePIg 16/05/2007 07:43 PM

Very well, perhaps I should something.

I go by the alias YearOfThePig and I am certain to be one of the Alpha NTs. I am a student of mathematics and philosophy with a keen interest in Socionics. This is probably one of the most intellectually demanding of all psychological theories to learn (especially with regards to functions), but it has proven intellectually rewarding as well.

I also began with MBTI and wish I hadn't because it has complicated the transition to Socionics, a much more refined theory.

...and Karen, you ignored my PM. How could you do this to your potential Dual?


Just kidding. I understand your apprehension...many a dangerous person inhabit the net, so you are wise to be cautious.

BLauritson 16/05/2007 09:39 PM

My name's Ben, I discovered MBTI a few years ago and, purely by way of a hyperlink stumbled across to this Socionics site about a year or two ago, I can't remember when it was now. Gradually transitioned over to Socionics and have stayed there since. Despite random objections here and there from people who analyse a few sentences I've typed up and decide I can't be one, I consider myself to be an INTp. Which is great at the best of times and crap at the worst of times. meh, what else is there to say?

Epic 16/05/2007 09:49 PM

I am an ENTp. I originally was introduced to Socionics in 2003. I am not so much interested in the practical or humanitarian side of socionics. My main interest is in functional analysis and in the basic laws of how the information interacts.

I am a psychology student. I am not 'new age' although I am interested in things like inner exploration and that there are non-human, conscious forces, that influence events in our lives.

Although I spend alot of time avoiding intimacy(I wish I didn't) I also know how to enjoy and appreciate people. If I don't seem that way it is because I am not showing that side.

When I am not distracted I do enjoy a good frosty brew. I find it helps distract me.

jsb'07 18/05/2007 07:06 PM


My name is Kaido (that ai part is enounced as [ri]). I'm from Estonia. I study Estonian language and literature at the moment.

They don't teach the socionics I like online. The socionics I like is something what I like to call the Ethical Socionics, opposite to Western socionics. The Ethical socionics instead of trying to figure out the functions, centres on exploring your self and among many other techniques, it also tryes to use socionics to improve your life and the life of others. That's why it's ethical, it values your feelings a lot. The idea is opposite to 'mainstream', because it belives that by knowing who you are, you can start understanding and using socionics.

BTW, it's nice to see that there's more people online than there are writing ones. The chat doesn't always have to be on socionics. You can talk on what ever you like and wish at the moment. I'm sure that there's a lot of people around here who will like to read and answer to your regular questions, which necessarily don't have to be psychology related all the time.

(Hope my English wasn't way too silly and y'all understood wha I was saying.:cool: )

ValerieUGA 23/05/2007 05:37 AM

Hi, I'm Valerie. I have been researching Socionics for a few years now. I'm an INTJ. I am a consultant in Organizational Effectiveness and certified in MBTI. I do use MBTI quite a bit and find Socionics a bit esoteric, however I cannot deny it is also a great tool. V.I. makes a lot of sense to me. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Industrial Psychology. I'm very well like at work, but catch a lot of social slack for being too INTJish. But the good news is I'm ambivalent if not indifferent to most people's opinion of me. Current personal development objectives: being more accessible, reading less non-fiction (so I can be a little more relatable) and trying to acknowledge those small details like paying my car insurance on time.


Originally Posted by jsb'07 (Post 4581)

(Hope my English wasn't way too silly and y'all understood wha I was saying.:cool: )

Well I understand "Y'ALL" in Georgia! :D

mastermind 25/05/2007 10:12 AM

Hey guys, I'm Marga. Proud to be an ENTP. :-) Am a travel/sports TV host and cyclist from the Philippines.

Dynamicism 26/05/2007 09:44 AM

Hi, I'm Ashton. Ni-ENTj. Someone mentioned this place to me, so I thought I'd check it out.

complicater-complexer 26/06/2007 03:34 PM


I discovered Socionics 18 months ago. I am an ISTp AND a 6.

I am a math major. I am obsessed with writing proofs, am visual-spatial but hate numbers. On the other hand I have a legendary introverted sensing though I haven't slept with any girl yet. But I would like to!

I look very calm and respectful. My friends and my parents believe that the way how I look obliges people to respect me. Don't be cheated by that! Unfortunately I am sadistic. When I get angry (which is realy rare) I can violently hurt others by hitting them. I dream of being given the opportunity to whip someone (which is something I do not like in myself). Everyone in house was hit by I at least three times: my father, my mother and my sister.

If you talk about a human catastrophy I will laugh.

Unlike SG I can be patient with people.

I am too much into details.

I am very reclusive. My Fe isn't strong enough to make me be in touch with social groups. My Fi is however better. I always find myself talking about math and sciences!

Ruby 29/06/2007 12:07 AM

Hi, not sure if I've put this in the right place.

I'm Ruby, an ENFP though quite an introspective one. Also Enneagram 4wing3.
My E is high in some ways but I also have a lot of I traits. My N is extremely high and my S almost non-existant. My F and T scores are reasonably well-balanced and my P is quite a bit higher than my J. I've been interested in MBTI for some years now and enjoy introducing others to it. I don't know much about Socionics and how it differs from MBTI.

I teach English and a few other subjects, at the moment privately. I also do proofreading and CVs. I'm thinking of training in Existential Psychotherapy and would also like to do MBTI certification if I had the money. My other interests are colour, theatre, literature, history, psychology, history of ideas, world religions and just about everything really. For self-expression I like singing and dancing, esp Egyptian dance and Flamenco. I go to the gym a lot and have just taken up running - in short spurts. I'm also on the committee of our local arts cinema club.

This makes me sound very active, but I spend a lot of time reading and have 14 bookcases full of books on every subject and many novels. Musically, I enjoy mainly singer-songwriters, world music and musicals.

cracka 04/07/2007 05:56 PM

I'm Nick, I started out in socionics as a self-typed ESTJ and have since changed my type over to ESFJ. I've been around socionics for a year or two now and still don't really know much about it (by choice) but the people who have an interest in it seem to be pretty cool people so I just hang out on some of the forums when I'm bored. :)

kevin_bored 10/07/2007 10:33 PM

Hi Im Kevin. I like looking at new information and study it, and I like being stimulated by sensations and thinking if it fits with my tastes. I like hanging around outside in areas with lots of trees, forests and nature I guess. I like fishing. I think the world could be much more simpler than it is right now, and I like people who think the same. It's hard to get me motivated to do stuff sometimes unless I've been jolted with some positive emotions because they give me will power. I've been typed as either INTp-Ni and INTj-Ti. I think my enneagram type is 9w8. I will make a VI thread soon. Anyways cya.

jdickens86 11/07/2007 09:21 AM

I'm Joseph, I'm sure I am an INFP. I let my defenses down and got my archaic ego get decimated by an ENFJ girl. I'm on the upside of a year long period characterized by unconcious self destruction as a result of neurotic guilt for not being "J" enough for her.

I'm here to exalt my ego by doing my identity seeking thing.

Here's to hoping the accompanying reinforcement of my unconscious doesn't make me feel like unraveling another year....

Irkanda 15/07/2007 01:19 PM

Irkanda, LIE-:Nis:, 6w5 sp/sx, female, Australia.

Not much else to say unless I want to bore you. I have trouble with balance -- I will write posts that are probably far too long for anyone to read, the only way to prevent this is to write not nearly enough. I have many and varied interests. Music, archaeology, history, biology, RPGs, Socionics obviously.

I have qualifications in IT and Indonesian. I work in an office as an administrator.

Dee 26/08/2007 05:51 PM

Hullo, I am 'Dee'. I'm female, 20, from Dundee in Scotland, studying architecture there & absolutely loving it.

I'm an INFP (MBTI) & my least strong preference is the 'F'. I came across this website about a month ago & got hooked to the intertype relations stuff. I will probably only be forum-ing in my holiday times so I will be talking in fits & starts, to warn you all.

Summer Lightning 29/08/2007 10:00 PM

Blah! I dislike introductions. *Stands up and starts to turn bright red* Hi, I'm an INFp 26 year old female.:D :o *sits down very quickly before drawing attention*

sweet_seduction 05/09/2007 10:04 PM

Hello everyone :)

Just thought I'd introduce myself!
My name's Heather and I'm a INFJ.
I live in East Yorkshire England and I'm a Veterinary Nurse.


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