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felafel 17/06/2010 11:26 PM

Something about it deeply disturbs the psyche, at least i think so. I'm thinking it works on some sort of existential, so to speak, level, so I'd think it'd transcend type. Would it have any effect on type, at all, though?

stanprollyright 18/06/2010 02:02 AM

It would make a person's type more difficult to tell...anything further and you're opening up an unsolveable debate of whether type can be changed by mental illness, drug use, or traumatic life experience...

Cyclops 18/06/2010 03:05 AM

Good question, I dunno for sure.

I kinda see type almost like it's a habit, we become so used to processing information a certain way that it becomes instinctual.

So I suppose anything that affects that can affect type.

I mean, in simple terms, don't some people take recreational drugs to alter themselves. The introvert who becomes more social with alcohol, the excitable restless person who smokes hash to seemingly try to emulate Si.

My current answer would be no though fwiw, this is simply based on people i've known with disorders, their type still seems the same to me, but I do think their type can have an impact on how they handle it, but sure is an open question.

felafel 18/06/2010 03:34 AM


Originally Posted by Cyclops (Post 23515)
....but I do think their type can have an impact on how they handle it.

This, is so close to sth I was thinking just now, almost too close, lol. How would you think handling it would vary in types/functions you're more familiar with?

Was also thinking treatment could be more effective if somewhat tailored.

@Stan: yes, i understand what you mean, about opening up that debate...

Edit: I'll add some more later, about type handling of PTSD. Still thinking about it...:)

Cyclops 18/06/2010 07:10 PM

I'd say as a precursor that I'm sort of reminded of the writings of Jung, where he mentions the shadow function or w/e it is.

I've noticed a lot of female IEEs at any rate (I don't know as many guy ones) who have unusual body sensations/bizarre illnesses, which sort of seems like a weak manifestation of their Si.

My Ne can at times manifest with paranoia, ie seeing doom and gloom the worst possible possibilities manifesting which might not even be true. In short, i'd say sort of like a 'bad' Ne.

Hmm, although i'll try and write down more specifics to the question. Just thought this was sort of interesting and possibly related fwiw.

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